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Lipóti Bakery - Living Tradition

Tóth József PéterThe philosophy of Lipóti represents a unique worldview. The company’s business policy can be summed up as “all for the customer”. Both the present and the future of Lipóti are based on the values of the past. Lipóti is a fervent supporter of handmade bakery products. The company believes that through traditional recipes its products live up to the quality standards necessary for satisfying its honoured customers.

The company took off in 1992, in Lipót - a tiny village in the Hungarian island plain of Szigetköz - where József Péter Tóth founded the original Lipóti Bakery, which has since reached a well-known status throughout the country. Lipóti Bakery initially had only supplied the surrounding villages with its products, until the country-wide establishment of the bakery-chain has begun. The company then opened shops in Győr, Mosonmagyaróvár, subsequently - by taking over the Tatabánya Baking Company (Tatabányai Sütőipari Vállalat) in 2007 - in Tatabánya, Érd and finally in Esztergom.

Családi fotóIn 2010, after Lipóti’s 100th shop had been opened in Szombathely, the company further expanded to Sárvár, Veszprém and Pápa. The Lipóti Parasztkenyér (handmade bread similar to the cottage loaf) eventually got the attention of the capital’s residents as well. Lipóti has more, than 50 shops in Budapest to date. Throughout the years, Lipóti has launched new production facilities in Szomor and Kecskemét in unison with the business groups Gyermelyi and Univer. Lipóti products are already available in the Southern regions of the Great Hungarian Plain.

The customer’ opinion is taken into consideration by the company, thus, it operates an own quality insurance system, which is in line with the company’s “all for the customer” approach.

Lipóti would like to thank you for your trust and for supporting Hungarian enterprises.