Lipóti Pékség 
Lipót Production Facility
The original Lipóti Bakery  - which is currently under renovation - has been continuously producing the complete range of Lipóti products since 1992. Its main purpose is to supply the surrounding grocery stores, institutions and catering... In more Detail »
The Tatabánya Baking Facility
The factory - earlier known as Tatabánya Baking Company (Tatabányai Sütőipari Vállalat) has been producing for Lipóti since 2007. Similarly to the original factory in Lipót, the establishment produces the whole range of Lipóti products. The... In more Detail »
Veszprém Production Facility
The Veszprém production facility is a small-scale bakery in itself, producing white bread, Lipóti Parasztkenyér (cottage loaf) and smaller bakery products. This small factory does significantly contribute to handling the daily excess demand of... In more Detail »
Helsinki Street, Budapest
The Budapest Lipóti factory only produces the company’s flagship product, the 3kg Parasztkenyér (cottage loaf). The factory’s main responsibility is to supply the Lipóti shops in the capital. The factory has been operating since 2009... In more Detail »
Szent István Square, Budapest
The factory produces 3kg Parasztkenyér (cottage loaf), 1kg and 0,5 kg white bread and smaller bakery products for Lipóti as a subcontractor. It supplies the Lipóti bakery situated within the Újpest Marketplace as well as a part of the Lipóti... In more Detail »
Szomor Production Facility
The factory of Gyermelyi Pék Ltd. - situated in Szomor - has been producing pastry for Lipóti since 2009. The Szomor production facility currently supplies a part of the Lipóti shops in the capital and employs nearly 50 employees. In more Detail »
Kecskemét Production Facility
The Kecskemét bread factory is owned by Univer Product Plc. and has been a partner to the Lipóti Bakery since December, 2010 as a subcontractor. Similarly to the original factory in Lipót and that situated in Tatabánya, the establishment produces... In more Detail »